<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/02/46/51/00/190926062249.jpg?t=1579749910"><br>Welcome to living in Naples&rsquo; Paradise reimagined at Quail Creek Country Club! This home has almost been completely re-engineered to current standards, including a new roof in 2017... The owners, both renowned architects, have redesigned and remodeled this 3 bedroom/den (or 4th Bedroom!) home to perfection. From the open, welcoming entry and foyer, to its contemporary family room and kitchen area, no detail has been missed. Elegant finishes are featured, as you might expect from marble floors to custom granites. The pool home overlooks the 13th hole of the Quail course, one of the most challenging par 5&rsquo;s at Quail Creek, and it has a long view through the trees of the 12th hole &mdash; a short, but tricky par 4. You&rsquo;ll have plenty of privacy, too, as the lot is generous in size and located far away from the hustle and bustle traffic of Naples&hellip; Space abounds throughout, as does storage too. And, a major portion of the club&rsquo;s total renovation will be completed this fall, so the home is ready for you to enjoy today&hellip; You are not required to join the club, but once you see the renovation plans and facilities, you&rsquo;ll want to! Come make it yours now.<br>